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November 28, 2006

Buyside/Sellside – I dunno – its so dark in this pool….

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Trading technology vendor Flextrade has started beta-testing its block FX trading platform MilanFX, it told FX Week. The vendor becomes the first to roll out a block trading venue for foreign exchange and employ a dark pool of liquidity. Spot broker EBS and electronic communications network (ECN) LavaFX are considering similar initiatives, as market participants search for ways to offset large positions with minimal market impact. Flextrade’s MilanFX enables users to trade large blocks anonymously under the names of their prime brokers, although self-clearing firms can also participate. The platform also introduces a dark pool of liquidity to FX, where only a non-tradable midpoint price, or reference price, for the fair market value of a currency pair is displayed.

Buyside and sellside have same access to this pool, which rang my “were going to see more blurring of the edges between buyside/sellside” bell.


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  1. Well Holky, if it is happening now in FX, many “experts” would tell us to expect “dark pools” to settle in FI in 2011…..that’s right, always 5 years lag….always…..

    Comment by waratah — November 29, 2006 @ 1:57 pm

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