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January 15, 2007

..and after Free Data?

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WSJ says “The New York Stock Exchange plans a pilot program later this year that could bring real-time stock-price data to millions of Internet users.”If the SEC approves the NYSE plan it will allow web sites to publish trade prices with nearly no delay in return for payments of $100,000 a month. The test program could be available as early as March, depending on the SEC’s response, the paper said. Google Inc. and business news television station CNBC have said they would offer data for free to their users, the paper said.

NYSE is keeping some data close to the vest, including the size of trades, and the quotes at which investors are willing to buy and sell shares. That information is available on the floor and to Wall Street firms and institutional investors for a charge, and is made available to customers of some brokerage firms, which usually wrap in the costs as part of investors’ commission payments. The consolidated plan, available through brokerage-firm sites, includes prices, quotes and the size of trades on all U.S. exchanges, whereas the free information that Google, CNBC and possibly others will feature will show only the last trade price. But CNBC officials say the data will also be used to feature charts and updated information about market movements.

How long before we see generic OMS / EMS functionality available through a Google spreadsheet?  With the setup of your trading access giving you the rest of the data that isn’t free?



  1. Cool idea to use Google Spreadsheets as mini oms for retail…

    Comment by Cate Long — February 7, 2007 @ 7:28 pm

  2. […] on with guys like marketcetera about creation and distribution possibilities regarding getting that Google OMS going? I know that if I was pushing FPL, I’d be all over Google to ensure FIX is high on […]

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