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March 13, 2007

multiple platforms?

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Some key stats from Tabb Group report “OMS, EMS, or DMA: The Future of the Buy-Side Desktop”

  • 80% of the buy side require multiple trading platforms to execute their trades (that’s a lot of buyside desktop being used for multiple systems, and a lot of manual routing of business)
  • Half of the firms with multiple disconnected platforms wish for a converged platform, and only 30% of firms with integrated trading platforms wish for the same  (so once you have integrated view of the world, not surprisingly a truly converged platform moves way down the priority list)
  • In 2004 long only managers averaged 2.2 platforms and multi-strategy managers 3.6, a 64% difference – but in 2006 it was 25% difference, and it will be just 7.8% in 2008  (squeezed both sides; growing functionality within existing platforms, and long only guys getting more connected to the outside world)
  • 68% of the buy side is concerned about their OMS moving to a transactional/connectivity based pricing model (speaks for itself)

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  1. So what are the buy side firms with integrated trading platforms using ? Being on the dealer side I tend to think of those guys as using TradeWeb and Bloomberg terminals. Do they build their own platforms like dealers, or buy from eg MarketView ?

    Comment by JohnOS — March 13, 2007 @ 10:04 pm

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