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May 4, 2007

Tradeweb and Reuters – together at last!

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Reuters confirmed they’ve been approached by a mystery suitor – and the rumor and speculation is that the bidder is Thomson Corporation… (a bit more meat in EFN ..).     Just a rumor so who knows eh… but interesting to think it through as one of those 2015 moments….

If a Thomson and Reuters marriage of sorts did turn out to be the end result – essentially throwing Tradeweb and RTFI into the blender –  this is unlikely to parent any form of mutant child in terms of new FI etrading product particularly quickly; after all, Tradeweb isn’t even truly encapsulated in the overall Thomson offering as yet anyway, and in the big scheme of things I dare say the enormous organisational change and high level effort to ensure positive overall impact in terms of terminal licensing in Thomson and Reuters core markets is way above that in the todo list. 

But whatever plan is voiced to combine the existing dealers-pay-per-trade (TW) and free-to-provide-liquidity (RTFI) models into a single offering [at point X in the future], in the context of the other venues’ and the wannabes’ strategy to compete with all of that, could certainly easily present massive sentiment shift that gives rise to alliances (Liquidity Hub or something else in LH stylee) that very quickly change where liquidity is found within the fixed income etrading landscape.



  1. May 7 (Bloomberg) — Thomson Corp. said it made a “preliminary approach” to buy Reuters Group Plc, potentially leading to the combination of the world’s second- and third- largest providers of financial news and information. The overture “may or may not lead to an offer being made,” Thomson said in a statement today.

    Comment by holky — May 8, 2007 @ 5:25 am

  2. […] I’ve previously said that based on the level of existing integration between TW and Thomson I don’t think an all-new merged offering with RTFI will be a quick development – unless of course prioritised high enough by all involved – but regardless of the timeframe it will be a massive missed opportunity if we can’t eventually regard whatever does emerge as “the one” that fundamentally changes the etrading landscape. […]

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