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June 12, 2007

On-Exchange Credit Derivatives

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Same day we hear a summary that Traders shun new Eurex credit product … specifically that one of the three credit derivatives contracts launched five months ago by Eurex, the Swiss-German exchange, has failed to attract a single trade ….we also hear in EFN that three US derivatives markets are preparing to launch exchange-traded credit products, highlighting the increasing interest from exchanges in the fastest-growing segment of the over-the-counter market.

Personally I expect this market will take off… the work is getting the message that this is available, and why that’s good, to the right customers



  1. I know several Banks were most upset at Eurex over these contracts. Claiming it would be a huge threat to their OTC business. Eurex claimed it would enhance the market, using the Bund contract as an example of bringing efficency and liquidity to the whole market.

    Maybe the Banks have not only witheld their custom but encouraged clients to do likewise?

    Comment by waratah — June 13, 2007 @ 7:50 am

  2. […] Credit: Doom and Gloom, v2 Just like the post showing three of Eurex’s credit derivatives contracts failed to attract a trade, we now hear that credit products launched by the three Chicago derivatives exchanges have yet to […]

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