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December 21, 2007

MTS Brazil … order driven update … algos on Euro MTS

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From Reutersno ‘meat’ but plenty of maybes..

MTS is looking to clinch a deal to trade government bonds in Brazil next year and is exploring possible accords in China as it seeks to expand abroad, the head of MTS told Reuters.

Pietroluongo said it was too early to talk about moving away from the current market-making trading system to introduce a cheaper and more liquid order-driven platform similar to what happens in some stock markets.  “We are still exploring the possibility to introduce an order-driven system on EuroMTS … but several banks are currently expressing doubts about it,” Pietroluongo said.  (previous post here).

MTS is also considering the possibility of introducing electronic algorithmic trading on its EuroMTS platform and consequently opening it up to intermediaries other than banks, like hedge funds, Pietroluongo added.



  1. Go Go Go… while I don’t think we will see all these new products/platforms/market structures “turn on” in 2008, be sure 2009 will be the year of many press releases, hedgies picking off dealers, and black boxes marching to replace dealer liquidity not only in cash but CDS/CDX and IRS (just as they did in USTrsy’s in 2007)!

    Well…that is if CDS as a product/market does not get nuked by counterparty risks…(Even Greenspan can be wrong about a synthetic/deriv product)

    I am looking forward to this all.

    Comment by lacidar — January 16, 2008 @ 1:14 am

  2. “considering the possibility”……bet they’re not 1st.

    Comment by waratah — January 17, 2008 @ 2:22 pm

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