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April 7, 2010

eTrading from your iPhone

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JP Morgan launch Morgan Direct for iPhone and claim first past the post with an institutional FX trading offering in a native iPhone app. (You can tell it’s institutional, because if you try to register as a private investor it tells you that its only available for institutional clients). Obviously the scope of the app is heavily constrained in terms of compliance and (institutional) client-side controls over what functions can be performed away from the reasonably controlled office environment; but from FX perspective seeing current rates and being able to cancel current orders looks like it is there, as well as the ability to raise new orders. I’d be interested in the uptake of this; is this genuinely a client tool or more of a marketing exercise? ..I guess the answer depends on what type of institutional client we’re talking about..

Looking forward to seeing if the first institutional ipad etrading app will be far more functionally rich. Watching the ipad etrade movie im wondering whether “fat finger” will ultimately be a setting to resize the trading buttons?

Are any of the OMS offering a native iPhone view? Perhaps a big brother compliance/risk view of whats going on to keep an eye on everything while out of the office? Probably an easier adoption route than trading to start…

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