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September 13, 2007


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So Finxextra launches professional network , allowing bona-fide technologists to register and contribute.      

For a blogger there appears upside in terms of distribution, with your headline going out with each Finextra update it will be far easier to go from zero to some readers, and your words may gain apparent weight when official journos have gone to town to integrate your topic into the news they are delivering.  But on the flip side I wonder how Finextra will handle conflicts of interest when one of their bloggers says something anti one of the Finextra sponsors?  (I don’t know, are there particular t&c or does anyone otherwise know?).    Are there also linkedin/facebook type func’s on this?   with a community limited to just bona-fide punters then is this the “bloomberg messaging” moment for the technologist community?   ..or is everyone already facebook’d or ning’d out and looking for a place to consolidate theirspace ?

August 23, 2007

Question for you

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I’ve been thinking out loud via mostly for just over a year now and you lot (yes you, dear readers) have sifted through enough crap to know that there are nuggets if you look hard enough (i’m sure you have your own view about the crap:nugget ratio).  So in return for the thought-provoking enlightenment ™ you’ve received over the past year, maybe you can help with an answer to a question i have…


A while ago wordpress removed the feed stats counter so the only measure of how many people drop in on mostly is web hits. What the chart confirms is that from an average per day in the 250-300 range (with big post on big subject doubling that for a few days after post), it’s gone to an average under 200 after 23/7.  I expected a drop, as i changed the site to allow the syndicated feeds to access the entire post- so you dont have to click and go to the site in order to see more than the first few lines.  While in terms of usability this suits my style of reading other blogs (netvibes to see the initial post, sometimes click through to see particular comments in context of a site), and from the drop in hits i assume many other readers have similar methods, this leaves me a bit in the dark re how many feed-takers of mostly there are out there. I’ve already got other stats things such as Clustrmaps and Sitemeter, which are great, but these are also about visits and page views, not feeds.


So the question is ; can anyone recommend a good plugin/widget for wordpress blogs that gives a reasonable measure of what is being syndicated to how many readers?

The grabs in this post were done with SnagIT which if you ever need to grab bits of screen (and then markup with comments etc) is a really great utility. Hey, maybe that’s the nugget for you in this particular post..

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